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Flint Hydraulics, Inc. is an authorized distributor of Danfoss Mobile Electronics products, including Plus+1® microcontrollers, joysticks, sensors, display panels, EDC pump control servo valves and accessories. We can assist in developing a complete electronic control system for your mobile machine applications. All controls can be configured to the specific requirements of individual applications so you are not limited to the functionality of "out of the box" controls.


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Plus+1® Microcontrollers

CAN-based Plus+1® microcontrollers are the brains behind intelligent vehicle control, swiftly programmable to your specific requirements.


Danfoss Plus+1® microcontrollers bring intelligence to every node of a distributed control system. And they are equally effective for stand-alone control in smaller machines. Thanks to their rugged design, they'll withstand the toughest conditions your vehicle comes up against. Programming Danfoss microcontrollers requires minimum effort with easy-to-learn Plus+1® GUIDE software.


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Plus+1® Displays

Monitoring vehicle performance has never been easier. Danfoss displays give a customized all-in-one overview of your vehicle's CAN-based network, providing just what operators need for continuous monitoring, control and diagnostics.


Many options are available with Danfoss Plus+1® programmable displays - from plug and play to customized operator interfaces with optional external camera.


All Danfoss displays have one thing in common: they provide an integrated operating network that brings together the entire hydraulic system on your vehicle. Whatever your needs, Danfoss displays can monitor every hydraulically-controlled detail, from oil pressure to machine angles to...


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Danfoss temperature or pressure-detecting sensors link your machine functions to the control system. Plus+1® compliance supports easy integration.


Many of the sensors are Plus+1® compliant - contributing to precision control systems on all kinds of mobile application.


Heavy-duty pressure transmitter

Temperature sensors

SASA steering sensor with embedded steering software for a precise, variable steering ratio.


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Operators get a real feel for control with our wide range of joysticks. Endless configuration possibilities and ergonomic designs enable smooth and comfortable operation of your light or heavy-duty vehicles.


Single- and dual-axis configurations, multiple mechanical and electrical interface options: our joysticks are as versatile as they come. A complete range of modular Plus+1® compliant joysticks support Danfoss intelligent mobile control solutions.


Select the joystick base for your application, and we will customize it to your needs. The possibilities include detents, friction locks, redundant outputs and switch functions. Hall effect and potentiometric sensing technologies are available.


Match the base with one of our joystick grips. Or let us help you develop a customized grip if your needs are unique.


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