Danfoss Proportional Valves

The Danfoss PVG series valve family is the most versatile mobile directional control valve line in the world. Among the members of the PVG family - PVG 16, PVG 32, PVG 100, PVG 120 and PVG 128/256 - more than 10 trillion assembly configurations are possible.


PVG stands for Proportional Valve Group, and the PVG series is certainly the highest quality and most adaptable mobile hydraulic directional control valve on the market. However, PVG valves are not limited to configurations as electro-hydraulic proportional valves. Other configurations include on/off solenoids, hydraulic pilot operators, pneumatic operators and manual handles. And most of these actuators can be mixed within one valve stack.


Flint Hydraulics Inc. stocks more PVG product than any Danfoss distributor, and our knowledge of the product is unequaled. We can assist you in determining a valve configuration needed for your application, issue a quotation, build and test the valve assembly and ship from our facility in Memphis, Tennessee, USA, usually all in the same day.


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