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... or 'fluid power,' is the transmission of power using a confined liquid. It is a $100 billion industry that could be considered the 'hidden giant' of our industrialized society. Hydraulic components transmit and control the distribution of power on almost any piece of mobile equipment. Combining the power density of hydraulic components with the latest digital control technologies provides precise control of huge amounts of force - whether it's for construction, agriculture, mining, forestry, aerospace, marine, manufacturing, food processing or a host of other applications.

Though 2- and 4-year training programs exist for engineers, technicians and mechanics in many fields, curiously there are few programs that specialize in hydraulics. Therefore, hydraulic systems are often an afterthought, and many recognized companies rely on the expertise of fluid power manufacturers and distributors. The fluid power industry has a shortage of qualified engineers, technicians and mechanics. To satisfy the demands of fluid power's unique requirements, most companies must train new employees who possess skills in related industries like diesel and heavy machinery.

Whether you lift it, push it, pull it or crawl it, hydraulic components are the heart and muscle of almost any piece of heavy equipment. For more than 40 years Flint Hydraulics, Inc. has supplied hydraulic components to 37 countries worldwide for heavy equipment in construction, agricultural, mining, forestry, aerospace, marine, manufacturing and other industries. We also supply engineering and design services to manufacturers, enabling them to build the most reliable, efficient and productive equipment in the global market.

Flint Hydraulics, Inc. supplies new, aftermarket and remanufactured hydraulic components for construction, mining, paving, forestry, agricultural and marine equipment worldwide from our facilities in Memphis, Tennessee. Flint Hydraulics has openings for assembly and service technicians. The preferred candidate should have an associate's degree or a minimum of 5 years' experience troubleshooting and servicing hydraulic systems. Hydraulic component repair experience, machining experience and electronic controls experience is a plus. Knowledge of hydraulic manufacturers such as Danfoss, Sauer-Danfoss, Vickers, Rexroth and Parker is preferred.


Flint Hydraulics offers a competitive compensation package including insurance, 401(k), vacation time, paid holidays, and other benefits such as very limited field service, limited weekend work and bench work.


If you're interested in a lucrative career with bright promise for the future, please forward your resume to today!

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