Hydraulic Repair Services

Do you have a hard-to-find, custom or obsolete unit? We know down time hurts! Save valuable time and money by contacting Flint Hydraulics, Inc.


Our team of highly trained and experienced technicians can repair your current hydraulic unit. We provide a no-obligation evaluation which is entirely free of charge when scheduled on our standard one- to three-day schedule.


Our evaluation process follows state-of-the-art procedures customized to your particular needs. We document everything we do from start to finish and determine the cause of failure so you can address system-related problems while we’re working to get you up and running.


We’ll give you a reliable quotation that includes optional expedited services and costs, and advise you of upgrades and new replacement options.


Upon approval of our quotation, your unit will receive the same advanced remanufacturing processes as our service exchange units, providing you with a quality repaired component.


Contact us for your free quotation:


• Call 901-794-4884

• Email sales@flinthyd.com

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Ready to save some money? Send your current component to us for evaluation. We can repair and return most components for a fraction of the cost of buying a new or remanufactured unit.


Here are the three easy steps:


• Call our service department at 901-794-4884 or email sales@flinthyd.com.

• We'll send you an RMA for your current component.

• Send us your pump or motor along with the Flint RMA number, and we will present you with a firm quotation to repair your equipment. Whenever possible, a quotation for a new pump or motor will accompany your quotation for repair.

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