Danfoss ECO 80 LS

Flint Hydraulics, Inc. is an Authorized Build Center for the Danfoss Eco 80 Series hydraulic load sensing directional valve group for mobile applications. The Eco 80 brings load sensing performance to lower flow competitive applications.


Eco 80 may be configured with manual, hydraulic remote, electrical on-off and proportional control capabilities. Multiple spool variants with multiple flow ratings offer load sensing performance and system improvements such as multiple function with proportional control of flow in a compact economical design. Load sensing control provides higher efficiency, reduced fuel consumption, reduced cooling requirements and other system advantages to your application.


As a build center Flint Hydraulics can quickly specify, assemble and test a valve configured to your unique application - same or next day in most cases. We welcome the opportunity to design an Eco 80 solution for you. Tell us about your application here.

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