Flint Solutions: Joystick Interrupt

Flint Hydraulics, Inc. "Joystick Interrupt" controller - for use in conjunction with Danfoss PVG series proportional directional control valves.


When grading in automatic mode, it can be necessary to take manual control of the grade cutting blade. The Flint Hydraulics "Joystick Interrupt" controller makes the switch from auto to manual and back again quick, simple and convenient. Just mount the "JI" controller conveniently to the machine operator's perferred hand, connect the two cables, and you're off and running.


Electrical connection is simple. The "auto" cable (not included) that ordinarily would be connected to a Danfoss PVG series proportional valve solenoid, instead is connected to the "JI" box. A separate cable (included) connects the "JI" box to the valve.


The automatic grading function works as normal. If the operator needs to take temporary control of the grade cutting blade, he needs only to move the joystick off-center in either direction. While the joystick is off-center, the "auto" signal to the valve will be interrupted and the joystick, will have command of the valve. Releasing the joystick allows it to spring back to center. The "auto" signal to the valve is instantly restored.


Flint Hydraulics Joystick Interrupt "JI" kits can be configured with four-pin Deutsch connections or with DIN43650 connections, for 12 Vdc or 24 Vdc machines. Please specify which voltage your machine uses.


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