Remanufactured Exchange Hydraulic Pumps & Motors

Service Exchange Units

Minimize down time and maximize production while lowering cost of ownership and cost per hour with remanufactured units from Flint Hydraulics, Inc.


Customers typically save 25% to 50%.


Flint Hydraulics, Inc. has a simple order system for remanufactured items. Order a remanufactured pump and return your core on receipt of the replacement unit. Flint Hydraulics, Inc. stocks a large number of remanufactured units for same day shipment and can frequently supply non-stock units on the same or next day.


Remanufactured units undergo an advanced remanufacturing process including the following steps:


• Soda blasting

• Contact & non-contact gauging

• Innovative recovery & salvage processes

• Assembly by qualified technicians

• Test stand qualification