Staffa Low Speed High Torque Hydraulic Motors

We stock more than 300 Kawasaki-Staffa radial piston motors and maintain a large parts inventory.

Flint Hydraulics, Inc. provides a stocking program for radial piston hydraulic motors. We have hundreds of Staffa motors in our warehouse. We also carry the largest inventory of parts for Staffa in the entire U.S.A.


Our ability to custom build or convert from stock in any configuration makes us the primary stocking outlet for radial piston motors. We can supply motors with integral brakes, special valve housings, and single or multiple speed variants, all from our stock. Whether you are replacing a motor in an existing application or prototyping a new machine, we welcome the opportunity to quote your needs.

We offer..

Staffa Hydraulic Motor Sales Staffa Hydraulic Motor parts

Complete Kawasaki Staffa motors, including;


HMB 10

HMB 30

HMB 45

HMB 80

HMB 100

HMB 125

HMB 150

HMB 200

HMB 270

HMB 325

HMB 400

HMC Series Motors

...and many more

Kawasaki Staffa parts, such as:



Staffa connecting rods


Cylinder Blocks

Staffa Retaining Rings

Staffa Cylinder Heads

Staffa Valve Housings

Staffa Covers

Staffa Valve Spools

Complete Staffa Seal Kits

Staffa Shaft Bearings

Staffa Splined Shafts

Staffa Keyed Shafts

Staffa Tapered Shafts

Staffa Q Shafts

Some of the service options we offer for Kawasaki Staffa Motors are;


Repair or replace Staffa shafts

Complete disassembly, repair & testing

Replace Staffa seals

Replace Staffa bearings