Remanufactured Exchange Pumps & Motors

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Minimize down time and maximize production while lowering cost of ownership and your cost per hour with remanufactured hydraulic pumps and motors from Flint Hydraulics, Inc.


Customers can typically save 40% to 70%.


Flint Hydraulics, Inc. has a simple ordering system for remanufactured pumps and motors. Order a remanufactured pump and return your core upon receipt of the replacement unit. Flint Hydraulics, Inc. stocks a large number of remanufactured pumps and motors for same day shipment and can frequently supply non-stock units same or next day.


All remanufactured pumps and motors undergo an advanced remanufacturing process utilizing the following steps:


• Soda blasting

• Contact & non-contact gauging

• Innovative recovery & salvage processes

• Assembly by qualified technicians

• Test stand qualification


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Did you know?


Did you know the heavy equipment industry boasts the second highest remanufacturing rate in the U.S. right behind the aerospace industry?


You can rely on remanufactured units to lower costs, increase productivity and improve fuel efficiency.


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